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Ecommerce for dealer

As a successful trader in online trading, you can rely on the technical Abandon the shopcloud team's expertise and take care of what matters in the trade.


Networking of all channels from your existing stationary trade, numerous sales portals up to the online shop.

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Social Media

Integrate social media marketing into the sales process to reach out to their customers where they are.

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Warehouse in real time

Real-store query of the branches in the online shop can be displayed. Thus, customers in the online shop can check the availability in your store.

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Sell online without competing with the retail

Many industries sell online successfully for a long time. Ecommerce inspires and pushes industries gradually. The first sector was undoubtedly the electronics industry, then Zalando followed to sell shoes to the woman online. In the beauty, health and drug industry there's no top dog who has assumed the leading position, which increases the opportunity for small and medium businesses. First drugstores already launched successful online stores and the growth figures prove that the final consumer, increasingly buy hygiene items online. Online is unstoppable and a sales strategy, limited to the stationary trade will lead to sales declines.

B2B and B2C

Whether B2B or B2C shopcloud targets both groups with only one store. After the login of commercial buyers more advanced functionality can be shown.

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Stationary trade

Online sales can be credited to the retail stores through vouchers and special partner programs so online is not seen as competition to stores.

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Buy online - pick up offline. Linking the different sales channels is integrated with the shopcloud to standard.

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