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Ecommerce for food and beverage distributors

Many customers are willing to spend more money on quality and service. Whether as a winemaker or producer of high-quality food, you now have the opportunity to take on a pioneering role in the food industry and to bring your products to the man or the woman with an online shop without intermediate trade.

Base price calculation

When selling food, the basic price of each product must always be stated. The shopcloud Onlinshop software automatically calculates your base price as soon as you specify the sales unit.

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Integrated ERP

The integrated merchandise management system (ERP) enables warehouse queries in real time. Thus, you only sell products that you have in stock.

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Product characteristics for food

For the sale of food in Germany, there are extended labeling requirements, such as country of origin or alcohol content. These are implemented in the shopcloud standard.

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Opportunities in Ecommerce for the food industry

Consumption habits in the food sector are subject to major changes. This is how new nutritional trends are developing and awareness of food is increasing.

Tailored online store

Whether vegans or frutarians - in the online shop with a tailor-made range, the target group gets its money's worth without having to intensively study the "fine print".

Targeted communication

With an online appearance you can design the complete communication throughout. For example, in a food blog, recipes can be posted with products from their store and shared via various social media.

Pay more for good quality

Especially with food, many consumers are aware that good quality costs more. The willingness to pay for fair food is especially high.

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