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Advantages for your Marketing

Talk to customers directly! Inspire and Encourage Brand Engagement by Having a Customized Ecommerce App. With a convincing design you create a good basis for a perfect shopping experience. And with the latest features you convince and inspire your customers. You do not even have to spend valuable time on data maintenance. At shopcloud, automated processes are capitalized.

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After the first impression your customer decides if he stays in the shop or not. The design plays the central role. Any design can be implemented at shopcloud. There are no limits to your creativity.

State of the Arts

Especially in Ecommerce it is important to stay on the ball and to keep up with the times. Therefore, new features are being developed continuously. Your cloud system is constantly updated so that you always have the latest features available.


Product maintenance is annoying and time consuming. That's why all functions of the shopcloud are designed for automation. If your product data is available digitally, an interface takes over all desired product information.

Useful features for marketing

shopcloud has countless features. So you do not have to read through an infinitely long list until you get to the most interesting software features, here is an excerpt for marketing.


Learn your customers known better by identifying clickpaths, demolition costs and top sellers.

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With an appropriate newsletter marketing, you can reach your customers and reactivate customers with inspiration.

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Product slider

Through intelligent product images, your customer receives suitable product suggestions. Completely without product care!

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Search engine optimization in Ecommerce is indispensable. shopcloud creates metadata automatically according to the desired schema.

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