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Professional online store for startups and founders

We help founders to quickly implement the perfect idea, at the right time. Founders invest a lot of time, especially in the initial phase, to develop the business idea. That's why shopcloud supports a cost-effective and fast entry into the world of Ecommerce so that the company can quickly build on a solid foundation financially.

Your idea

A great idea and an ingenious product make it easy for you to stand out from the competition.

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The right time

As quickly as possible. Be the first!

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Startup partner

We support you to bring your idea to the market. Your goals are also our goals.

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Sales channel for startups

You share your ideas and introduce your product to friends and family or even to business angels and founder competitions? Everyone is excited and your fan base is growing. Especially in the initial phase, it's important to be able to provide your fanbase and potential customers with your products as well. Thus, the sales of the young company is secured, which makes a healthy and stable growth possible. Opening an online sales channel has fewer barriers than in stationary trading. In brick-and-mortar retailers, it is first necessary to convince buyers to expand assortments. In online trading, anyone interested in your product can shop immediately.

Fast market entry

Through the cloud-based ecommerce framework can be launched within minutes with the online sale. Without installation and server setup.

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Growth without compromise

Once the spark is ignited, you quickly get additional resources without having to build expensive infrastructure.

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Full cost control

Starting from 50 € per month you get a complete solution for any Ecommerce processes such as warehouse organization, customer approach and of course order processing.

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