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Amazon & eBay

Marketplaces and distribution platforms such as Amazon and eBay take a significant role in the world of online trading and opens online retailers additional sales channels.

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Transfer product data

The interface automatically transfers all information about your products from your webshop and transmits them to the marketplaces. You only want to sell certain products to marketplaces - no problem, this is also possible. In addition you can also maintain separate product information into the marketplaces.

Import orders

All orders from external platforms are transferred directly into your web store. So you can import all orders, no matter where the order comes from. The order settlement processes are all handled in the same way.

Real-time inventory adjustment

With the automated inventory update you never sell a product that you can not deliver. A real-time inventory information provides a better service, which will be rewarded not only by enthusiastic customers but also by Amazon with better positioning.

Automatically add new products

Are your products new to the desired platform? With shopcloud you can also upload completely new products to sell on eBay or Amazon.

shopcloud interface

The shopcloud interface enables easy and quick access to eBay and Amazon. With a few clicks you can present your products on the best online marketplaces. With shopcloud you select the products in your onlinestore which you want to sell directly on the marketplaces. With the interface you can easily import orders as well as synchronize prices and stock status. In addition, shopcloud creates reports which splits its revenues in the various channels.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon is quite popular and has an extremely high customer acceptance. Amazon offers on the one hand an infinite variety and on the other hand perfect customer service. Due to this facts many online shoppers start the product search directly on Amazon and not anymore on Google. From this huge acceptance online merchants can benefit and sell easily with an Amazon interface.

Sell on eBbay

Ebay is already considered as a veteran in German online trade. Originally eBay has become popular as an auction platform for the private sale of goods after the auction principle. In recent years, eBay has become one of the main channels in multichannel commerce.

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