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Customer service

With perfect customer service and CRM your customers turn into fans! Satisfied customers are, particularly in the age of Twitter and Facebook, real multipliers and assist you in marketing your products. So that you can concentrate on the essentials, shopcloud supports through a variety of features for communicating with your customers.

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Ticket Management

The professional CRM system enables bundling incoming messages of customers with inbound ticket requests. That allows to see the entire procedure in a single glance.


shopcloud offers everything for sending newsletters. It helps to email the right people at the right time to inform about new products. Of course, the system supports double-opt-in.

Birthday Messages

Send your customers on their birthday a small gift with a voucher or a bonus. The campaign control in the shopcloud system works complete automatically.

Adjustable Properties

You want to assign your customers additional properties such as customer number? Don´t worry - with the Ecommerce software shopcloud you can define various properties.

Contact Tracing

Overview all touch points of a customer journey easily with the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software. Whether letter, email or newsletter - you will never lose track.

Customer Segmentation

Different customers have different needs. With shopcloud you can profit from the functions customer segmentation and blacklisting, in case you have some black sheeps.

Customers login in online store

Just for basics like socks or t-shirts and of consumables such as screws, it is often difficult for the customers, always looking to the products already ordered. In shopcloud online shops you can offer your customers with "My Products" an overview of its products. The best: The customer can order directly out of this list of products.

CRM with customer account

Customers expect to find answers to all of their questions directly online. Primarily general questions about price, availability and product properties, but also questions about orders and delivery. A positive effect is that customers are taking the self-service claim, which consequently reduces your service costs.

Discounts & Vouchers

You can easily engage your clients after a long abstinence with price specials or personalized vouchers by using the CRM and newsletter functions of shopcloud. Due to the fact, that all functions are in one system, you also have all information about your customers in the system. With the collected information about your customers' reactions you can further individualize marketing campaigns.

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