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Electronic Data Interchange

Exchange data with EDI/EDIfact to automate business processes in your online store.

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Automated business processes

The process-oriented concept of shopcloud supports any online store processes, which are not only saving time but also reducing costs.

Perfect interface

Due to the EDI standard data gets transfered in a uniform manner, which avoids any redundancies.

International standard

Even in case of internationalization EDI brings benefits, because many international companies rely on the standardized data exchange.

What is EDI?

EDI is a standardized format for the electronic data transfer. EDI is widely used and therefore serves often as interfaces between companies to realise an automated data exchange. The abbreviation EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. In a narrower sense EDI is referred as a standardized data exchange according to specific procedures and agreements.

Benefits of EDI in Ecommerce

With shopcloud you can transfere data like orders, delivery notes, invoices and product catalogs with the EDI standard. The interfaces can be implemented for the integration in the own software landscape like an ERP system or even to logistics partners.

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