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Marketing in the online shop

Emotional marketing in the online shop. People decide rationally, at least in their opinion. From modern brain research, we know that this is just a necessary illusion. With the help of the marketing tools of shopcloud, which are optimally tailored to the needs of an online shop, you meet the best conditions for efficient marketing. Thus, you create for your products, in addition to the verifiable facts, an emotional world in which your customer finds his needs again.

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Do you invest in Google Adwords or buy advertising space on Bing, Yahoo or other platforms? Then landing pages are the right thing for you.

Email campaign

Remind yourself and send existing customers automated action mails.

Price comparison engines

Provide your product and pricing information to specialized product search engines, such as Google Products.


Link slow-moving products to topsellers to bring or sell goods online.


Surprise your customers with a discount or coupon.


Search engine optimization ensures a good ranking in the search engines.

Marketing tools for professionals

Various marketing tools facilitate your work.

Automated campaigns

For example, the online newsletter tool from shopcloud allows you to automatically send emails on the birthday of your customers. With a small gift voucher you conjure up a smile on the face of your customers.

Search engine optimization SEO

When a customer declares their intention to buy by entering a product and entering their search terms into a search engine, it is the best chance to win a customer. This is where integrated search engine optimization from shopcloud comes in.

Coupon marketing

There are basically three types of vouchers. Gift vouchers are especially interesting for customers who want to make others happy. Discount vouchers for special products or customer groups serve as a customer loyalty tool and can be fabulously linked to automated marketing campaigns. Last but not least action vouchers, which can be useful in moderation to attract new customers.

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